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June 9, 2008

The weekend where Shannon lost her voice

Hiya. Just got back from TNNA last night and oh, was it a fun time. It’s always fun, but this time was somehow…umm… “funner”? Yes. Funner. That’s exactly the right word.

I will post all about it soon, I promise (there’s much to show and tell), but meanwhile, I have more or less lost my voice and sound like Brenda Vaccaro being strangled. (Short version: actress with a gravelly, husky voice). Yes, I can still type, but first I have to unpack, clear my inbox and all that boring stuff.

High point of my weekend, which almost makes losing my voice worthwhile: a student telling me that she felt she should’ve had to pay a cover charge for the class in addition to the materials fee because I was so entertaining. I just glowed for a while after hearing that. Thanks. Also, that at least one person (you know who you are, down there in Austin) got my “I has a bucket” joke in nuno felting class…and then took me aside to say “I was the only one who got that, wasn’t I?”

I love yarn.
I love yarn people.
I miss my yarn people when it’s not TNNA — it’s like Christmas for me, except it comes twice a year.

You’ll find out several amusing reasons why I love ’em so much in the next post.

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  • Abby Franquemont

    I like how the google ad that pops up is for private, at-home methadone detox — immediate help available, learn more.

    Not sure that would help with TNNA recovery.

    No voice loss for me this time, but man, my feet are KILLING ME. Great to finally meet you for reals.

    Reply to Abby Franquemont
  • Sue

    Hmmm…. speaking of you as entertainment…..the cruise classes were DEFINITELY entertainment….. 🙂

  • Carol

    Teachin’ knittin’: UR doin’ it rite.

    So glad I got to see you!!

    Reply to Carol
  • Yarn Thing


    It was so awesome to meet you at TNNA. I hope next year you and I will be able to hang out a bit more 🙂


    Reply to Yarn Thing

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