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October 9, 2007

The Full Cleveland comes full circle

Have any of you heard the term “the full Cleveland“? It’s a particular look adopted by older men, consisting of a white patent leather belt and matching shoes, usually worn with pastel shirt and pants. Think 1970s leisure suit — except they couldn’t afford the suit.

Well, all you white belt-wearing emo hipsters are about to get some one-on-one time with the half-Cleveland (belt only, no shoes) in Ohio Knitting Mills’ Brooklyn, NY store. Behold:

$220?! Oh, but it’s never-been-worn vintage, you say. (Yes, but that doesn’t mean I want to pay $220 for it when I could get one at one of Cleveland’s many thrift stores for $2, and half-price on Mondays!)

Where’s it from? Here’s the story of Ohio Knitting Mills:

Founded by Harry Stone in 1928, the Ohio Knitting Mills grew to become one of the country’s largest knitwear producers, and was at the center of Cleveland, Ohio’s thriving garment industry.


After World War II, the Mill plucked samples of each style they produced and put them into storage. Five decades later, this archive had grown into a vast collection of remarkable design artifacts, representing mainstream fashion from the classic 40’s, fab 50’s, swinging 60’s, and funky 70’s. We’ve opened this time capsule, and offer to you our collection of perfectly preserved American fashion and industrial craftsmanship.

Which they now sell, in a posh store in Brooklyn, NY, at slightly more than the original price tags.

Also, another former Cleveland knitting mill has now become fancy loft space. One or more of them were selling off coned yarns at big discounts up to a few years ago; I think Heather took most of her coned stash to Julie for the heads-up on OKM!

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  • Felicia

    LOL Wonders never cease. And what goes around always comes around!

    Reply to Felicia
  • Bob T

    My response would be less, “I can get it cheaper” and more “it’s hideous.”

    Reply to Bob T
  • tracey in michigan

    never worn samples= samples no one ever WANTED to wear.


    Reply to tracey in michigan

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