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September 6, 2005

The fabulous Sivia Harding

Sivia Harding is a beaded knit guru, and an inspiration-and-a-half. You can buy patterns directly at her new website, as well as her finished items from my other site. She’s given me a greatly-expanded appreciation for beaded knits, and she’s super-fun, too. We finally got to meet in person this summer in Vancouver, BC.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, knows how to combine beads and knitting like Sivia. She even gives Lily Chin (whose book Knit and Crochet with Beads is probably the best one available on the topic right now) a run for her money. From elegant and drape-y to trendy and fun, Sivia’s the Beadmaster.

This weekend, at a magazine’s request, I designed a beaded knit pattern that, although not Sivia-level cool, is rather nice. I used beads from Byzantium in Columbus, which is a majorly fun store if you’ve never been. (I say this as someone who used to live next door to the tiny but magnificent Beads & Things in Athens, Ohio — if you’ve ever lived next door to a yarn store, chances are you know how tempting that was!)

If the magazine doesn’t end up buying the pattern, I’ll post it here for you to enjoy. It’s a beaded fingerless glove with infinite customization possibilities…a quick knit, perfect for holiday presents and last-minute birthday surprises.

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