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May 6, 2008

Shannon’s pattern in CRAFT magazine

My Fat Quarters Yukata Jacket is in CRAFT magazine issue 7, on page 68. If you’re a digital subscriber, you can find it at that link. The cover models at left will soon be familiar to Alt Fiber readers — not only did Natalie appear in the book, but so did canine supermodel Lulu!

And speaking of models, below is my friend Arabella modeling the jacket. If you show up needing a photo taken of your latest painting on a day I have my camera and also need of a model, chances are good I’m going to make you put on whatever it is!

The jacket is made of a base grey/black layer and then several fat quarters of various black and white fabrics are used on the trim, including an elastic band across the back and a looped fabric chain closure. It’s great for using up all kinds of different fabric scraps you may have stashed away — you could even make the base yukata patchwork style.

And, if you have a knitting machine, a lot of swatches or some old straight-knit scarves/panels, you could even make one out of knit fabric instead! Just do the loop chain closure with i-cord, and put an inch or so of 1×1 ribbing where the elastic band goes on the sewn version.

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