November 21, 2011

Nebula, Stacked, fingers falling off

I’ve been a busy bee. First, there’s Nebula, which I’m knitting as my NaKniSweMo project alongside a dozen other daringly game testers. And honestly, I’m starting to think seed stitch was a completely crazy choice, but the whole point of this sweater is that it will take on any stitch pattern you give it and transform itself into the sweater you want. I’m just knitting the painful-est version.
Some of the others are doing cables, lace…even cables and lace on their Nebulae. I’m a little swoony over the yellow Quince & Co Osprey yarn that ChooChooKnits is using for hers, but then again I am a sucker for a good yellow.

Its nickname is FOSS. The o, s and s stand for “of seed stitch.” I’ll leave it to your imagination what the f stands for.

Then, there’s Stacked, the free pattern I just sent out to my mailing list. My mother demanded one for herself when she saw the sample, and much as I know better (she inevitably asks for knitted things, then either wants them knit in horrific yarn, or doesn’t wear them), I am going to try to make one for her. Cough cough excuse to go Noro shopping cough. I’m going to mix Kureyon and Silk Garden in the loops and see how it looks with the shiny/matte textural differences.
What are you knitting right now?

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  • Jennifer

    Seed stitch always seems like a good idea at first. Today I’m working on a feather and fan cowl. I didn’t finish my other sweater in time for NaKniSweMo this year.

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