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July 21, 2009

Metis grows, flower vase goes boom

The lovely Zoe, my summer intern, modeling Metis while she’s still on the needles. I’m going to keep going, Metis will be a long-ish sweatercoat style piece…

I was having a bad day until I looked over at these flowers on my desk:

…and just then, the vase fell over and smashed. Typical.

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  • emy

    Well…that gives you a reason to get a new vase!

    Cheer up! 🙂

  • petoskystone

    wow–sorry to hear about your bad day. maybe the flowers were trying to *break* you out of your mood! 🙂

    Reply to petoskystone
  • wenchling

    Sorry about the bad day but I really love Metis so far!

    Reply to wenchling
  • gina

    I know a great ceramics artist who could get you a new vase.

    Reply to gina

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