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January 31, 2008


I want this on my wall! And it comes in different colors, too. It’s a pity my studio’s walls aren’t flat — they’re painted-over knotty pine boards, so I don’t think it’d look quite right. I don’t read Spanish, though — is it a stencil, or a stick-on? If it’s a stencil, I could stretch a canvas and just put it on there. Cool, no?

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  • Sue H

    If you click on the British symbol you get it translated into English. Is it a picture? You can pick your wall color and then the color of the knitting!! And you can have it left OR right handed knitting! Is that cool or what? Thanks for the link!

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  • caroline

    If it comes in different colors, it must be a stick-on, right? I think the giant knitting hands about the bed are kinda creepy, actually.

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  • Amber

    They’re vinyl stick ons, you can find a lot of them on Etsy and I keep meaning to get a bunch for my studio 🙂 There’s some cool flower ones, and other patterns, like frogs!

    FYI, I’ve ping’d you twice via email about consignment, hoping your email isn’t eating mine?

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  • Daniella

    I wonder how annoyed my boyfriend would be if he came home and found that I had peeled this bad boy on above the bed. He’d probably just sigh and shake his head.
    Neat find.

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  • Mags

    That is so spiffy!
    Yeah a vinyl stick-on. There’s a link at the top of the page that’s “consejos del instalacion” that will take you to a video showing how you put it on the wall.

    Just an idea but you can buy one sheet of drywall board at a hardware store, paint it like you would any normal wall, then apply the stick on and hang it like a painting. Drywall is usually 4 feet wide and varying lengths. It has two factory finished edges and two that are rough cut so you might have to cover the edges up but that could be an interesting alternative. Plus if you move, you can take your wall with you!

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  • Post authorShannon

    The only thing that would scare me about using drywall sheets, Mags, is the weight. You’d need some serious hardware to mount that (they aren’t exactly lightweight). That’s why I was thinking stretching a canvas would work better.

    Added bonus — you could paint the canvas backdrop a contrasting color, too!

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  • natasha

    dude! you could just kind artwork you like and use an overhead projector to put it on whatever wall (or even a big panel) and paint it right on. or even use a big marker. i would even do it for you. for the small fee of 5 million dollars.

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