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January 29, 2009

I think I love my production editor

Sarah, the production editor on Yarn Forward, just totally made my day. Long story made short — we were discussing deadlines with our tech editor, and had accused Sarah, jokingly, of trying to pit us against each other in some kind of editorial deathmatch. I said to her:

“I’m going to call you Eris from now on. Next thing you know you’ll be dropping an apple inscribed καλλίστῃ in between us just to watch the fireworks.”

And this morning, my inbox greets me with:

“Bless me with Athena, there’s no meaner, she’s the best/ When we hit the roughest seas we’ll need all we can get.”

Your role on Yarn Forward: foreseen by Sleater-Kinney

Things you did not know: the editorial staff are clearly big, big, big mythology dorks. (Wait, you already knew that about me, haven’t I mentioned I dressed as Athena one year for Halloween after I saw Clash of the Titans?)

Knitting and mythology: two things I adore.

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  • sarahlou

    ahhhh, clash of the titans. so campy, yet wonderful. i heart when intelligent (read: geeky) humor is embraced heartily. ♥

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  • mary lou

    My ‘talisman’ necklace is a coin from 250 BC with Athena on it! Hey, I haven’t seen any yarn yet.

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  • erssie

    I am a mythology dork too, but not just Greek and Roman, all myths.
    And you know I will be using those interests in my knitting too!

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