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July 2, 2009

How is it July already?

(Yes, yes, each day that goes by leads to another one and inexorably becomes a new month, but sheesh. Come on already, it only just became June!)

Almost there on all the Knitgrrl CSA patterns — I’ve got a sample-knit shot of the Morel socks up. They were knit by the gloriously talented sock knitter MJ (whose free Polly Jean pattern should definitely be on your to-knit list if you like socks). I’m so happy to have met her through the sock goddess Stariel, who recently coined one of my favorite new words, ‘sharf.’ You know, when you’ve got a scarf that ends up really wide and is really more shawl-like? Sharf.

My friend Bob, at whose farm we’ll be shooting the booklet photos, keeps asking when we’re coming out and trying to lure me to come sooner by saying the baby goats are all growing up. Mean! I can’t knit any faster!

This weekend is my 6th anniversary (again, where does the time go?). It’s been pouring rain, right now the cats and dog are sleeping in a big pile on the couch, and all is right with the world. Well, except the Peapod hat, that’s kind of annoying me at the moment…but I digress.

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  • Kristen

    Great patterns — thanks for the heads-up on Polly Jean, which is now in my queue. May I note (delicately) that “sharf” has a long history as the Russian word for “scarf”? And there’s pattern called “Sharfik” by Grumperina.

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