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October 13, 2008

Happy…umm, everything.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! (Emma Jane reports they do not eat seal, they do not allow Celine Dion to sing about hockey…it’s just pretty much like ours south of the border. Though it was fun to taunt her with the Dion comment).
Happy Monday!
Happy Rhinebeck week………oh, sob.

I am not going to Rhinebeck this year, since I am teaching in Toronto instead. This makes me sad. I love Rhinebeck. I love it. And this year’s featured breed is the Romney, one of my absolute favorites. Will someone take my place at the head of the fleece sale line? (C’mon Amy, do me proud. You can even repeat my Scottish sheep joke if you like).

I feel a little bit like this sheep in my 2003 Rhinebeck post: but Mom, I donwanna go to Canada, I wanna go to Rhinebeck!

Ok, enough wallowing in self pity. After all, there’s always the possibility the Canadians won’t let me in. Do you think they’re looking at place of residence when you cross the border these days? “No, ma’am, I’m sorry, but you live in Ohio, we can’t let you in. What if you overstay and miss the election? You live in a swing state. Now get back there and wait for November 4th.”

And with that it’s back to cleaning the house, hunting down my passport and hoping that the rest of you have fun without me.

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  • Guinifer

    Yea, well, they probably WON’T say that, but don’t you wish they would? Make sure every single voter is where they’re supposed to be on 11/4?

    Reply to Guinifer
  • Kim

    I wish I could go to Rhinebeck, too. Sigh.

  • Kimberly

    I’ll take your place in line as long as The Harlot doesn’t cut in front of me again this year. I’m not planning on buying any fiber (cleaned out workroom and found LOTS of forgotten fiber) but would gladly sacrifice for you. Only problem would be explaining the smell to the bus driver. LOL
    Have fun in Canada and be home to VOTE!

    Reply to Kimberly
  • Freek

    Hey there Knitgrrl. You’re welcome, it’s purely out of self-interest, I would probably loose all hope for the future if McCain would become president… Great website by the way, I’m not really into yarn, but the design is sweet.

    Reply to Freek

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