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October 1, 2006

First stop: Toronto!

I arrived in Toronto first thing in the morning on Saturday, Kim was already there. After a quick nap and breakfast, we headed to Lettuce Knit to make plans for Sunday, and then off to the Textile Museum.

I’ve been doing the run with Team Knitty for three years now, and every year, I say I’ll make it over to the museum…but I never do. Finally, I did — and twice! After a lovely Indian lunch and a trip through the museum, during which Kim and I made contributions to Nadia Myre’s scar project (I’m #300, Kim’s #299, if you’re wondering), we headed back to our room for some quiet crocheting (Kim) and a nap (me).

Shortly after waking up, I spun half a bobbin of hand-dyed roving and headed back over to the museum to meet Amy. Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark were there to sign their new book, Knit 2 Together.

I’d brought a copy of Spin to Knit for Amy which ended up in Tracey Ullman’s hands. She even asked me to sign it, and I told her that now she needs to learn to spin! Amy recorded some of their talk before the signing — you can see it on YouTube as soon as Amy clears up some technical difficulties. Next time I’m in California, I really need to go to Mel’s store, Wildfiber. It sound amazing. Oh, and Tracey called Amy the “Bono of knitting,” and me a “serious knitter,” because I was knitting and listening to her simultaneously.

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