July 28, 2008

Felt/Yarn School registration is open!

Hurray! Registration is now open for both Yarn School and Felt School!

If you haven’t checked out The Harveyville Project yet, you really should, and if you haven’t been to Yarn School or Felt School — what are you waiting for, my friend? This is going to be the best year yet, especially if you stay for both!

Also, keep an eye out for the special Interweave Felt issue that will be out next month, there’s going to be an article about Felt School!

Speaking of felt, I’m reworking an old pattern of mine (the boombox bag from Knitgrrl) after having it on the to-do backburner for a while, and I’m contemplating a slightly more advanced built-in speaker system. So here’s my question for you — if they were clear, would you attempt a project with advanced “wire up some electronics inside the felt” directions? I’d include the original directions for purchased speaker bits, but I’m feeling the need to kick it up a notch.

The other pattern I’m working on right now is going so, so much faster now that I’ve worked out the shaping on the one piece. It’s straight stockinette at the moment, so speeeeedy.

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  • Helen

    The boombox sounds great, so I’d definitely have a go at a pattern that included some electronics instructions.

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