October 15, 2007

Expo, YarnCon, Bazaar Bizarre — oh my!

As some of you may know, I organize the Cleveland edition of Bazaar Bizarre, which began in Boston almost seven years ago. This hip, fun indie craft fair now takes place in Boston, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and San Francisco each year.

The application for Cleveland is now online. We get vendors from as far away as Los Angeles, so don’t delay if you’re interested in selling at the show. Or make plans to come visit the Rock Hall and our other fun stuff because — FYI — the raffle gift baskets are going to be amazing this year. Hurrah!

Speaking of awesome events — YarnCon. Nikol posted some photos and I am desperately curious to see if Franklin’s photo of yours truly comes out without looking like I was sleep-deprived in the extreme. I have faith.

Kim Werker was at the Expo with Nikol and I — she ended up doing a very very early Saturday morning appearance on Chicago’s ABC affiliate about edible-fiber yarns (i.e. soy, bamboo, corn and milk fiber yarns, not yarns you can snack on).

Nikol and I had a particularly fun time Friday night at the Schnitzel Platz. One word: Oktoberfest. Oh yes.

All three of us got Knitty Walkers from Christine Jonson — they’re great! I’ve had her wrap dress pattern waiting in my to-make pile for a while, so it was wonderful to meet her. Same with Carol Cypher, fellow felter extraordinaire. Photos to come, along with photos from the Crochet Me book launch party at Stitch Cleveland yesterday!

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