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June 9, 2004

Day Two: yarn continues to arrive

Today’s contribution to the group sweater project comes from Melissa at Loose Ends Knits, in the great state of Maine – one of my very favorite places. She’s north of my usual haunts, but I know the area somewhat, and it’s beautiful.

The green/gold/pink ball in this photo was dyed in her crockpot. (Wait – why didn’t I think of that?! Here’s my dishwasher roving dye technique, as pitched to HGTV for their new craft series…)

She spun this ball in the grease, and it smells gorgeously sheepy. I find natural fleece smell quite appealing – my first fleece ever, which you may remember as the Secret Project, appearing here at Knitty – was from Maine. It’s almost exactly this color, and still smells like Eddie, the Romney it came from, to this day (2 years later).

Thank you, Melissa! I love them all!

By the way, in the event I gather up an overage of yarn, I will also knit a sweater for the illustrator of the book. If there’s extras, I’ll do a charity afghan or the like, and we can auction them off together. On my new store website, we’re implementing regular auctions and other means of raising extra money for charity. Heifer’s my personal favorite but there will be others as well.

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