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September 28, 2011

Curvy Crochet class

My friend Marly Bird is teaching an awesome class called Curvy Crochet on Craftsy.com (quick! try saying that five times fast) and she’s given my readers a discount code to get the class for only $29.99. Use this link.
Let’s put it this way — if anyone knows plus-size crochet, it’s Marly. (She also has awesome taste in shoes and immediately had to order the style I was wearing when she saw me this past Saturday morning. But I digress…)
Craftsy is such a cool site, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. One of our own, my dear dear friend (and knit designer extraordinaire) Stefanie Japel is working there now, so you KNOW the people teaching fiber arts stuff have it together. I’m hoping to do some classes for them myself! And again, I digress…but I always like to know that the people in charge somewhere like this actually know what they’re talking about, don’t you?
Marly’s tackling everything from duct tape dressforms and honest measurements — if you’ve ever taken a design class with me, you know I am big on being honest with the measurements — to shaping, using charts and much more. Honestly, even knitters could take a lesson from what she’s doing here…but you don’t have to make do, because Marly is teaching a Curvy Knits class, too! So go have a peek & say hi to Marly for me…

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