July 1, 2008

Contest: EL GORGO-rumi!

My boyfriend is so awesome it hurts. El Gorgo issue #1 is done! Mike (his best friend) writes it, and Tamas draws and letters everything.

I could tell you how much I love El Gorgo, but you wouldn’t even believe me, so I am holding a contest. El Gorgo-rumi! I want to see El Gorgo rendered in knit or crochet, I want you to tell your comic-book-loving significant others about the magnificent glory that is El Gorgo and I want El Gorgo to be the most popular luchador gorilla on earth, yo.

The best El Gorgo in categories knit, crochet and sewn will get prizes — chocolate, signed books, hand-dyed yarn, signed El Gorgo mini-posters…whatever we can cram into a box that’s awesome. You have until Labor Day, ok? Bonus prizes if you make mini Dagons and take photos of them fighting.

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  • Julie Holetz

    How about a flickr or Rav group so we can post and blog using the Blog this feature?

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