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November 19, 2003

Christmas nightmares solved!

So, you knit. Everyone knows you knit. But you don’t have nearly enough time to fulfill all your “hey, knit me a sweater!” requests. This is the site for you. Just pull out a row at the bottom, reknit it conspicuously in public or at your next family gathering and pow! You can give it to someone you love enough to pay $90 for a sweater (but don’t love enough to knit from scratch).

Speaking of knitting for the ones you love: I finished the Cascade Eco sweater last night and am giving it a “test wear” today before blocking. This is useful, because I decided I don’t like the collar after all, and will pull it out / reknit it when I get home. Better now than post-blocking. The wool is really warm but not obnoxiously so. It’s quite lofty.

And, speaking of Christmas, I asked Santa for the Knitting Guild of America advanced beginner course, in hopes of someday becoming a Master Knitter.

My soy silk arrived and is gorgeous! I promise photos as soon as I can take them in natural light. The subtle silkiness of the fiber is hard to capture with indoor lighting.

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