Upcoming TV appearances + DVDs

I just got my DVD of Knitting Daily TV, which has started airing on PBS stations everywhere. In case you’re wondering, I’m on Episode 112: Fabulous Felting, from which the photo at left was taken. Quicky segment, demonstrating how to use the needlefelting tool, but it was fun to do. Hi Kim! And I didn’t even have to fly to California this time — the episodes were taped practically in my own backyard.

(Hey Clevelanders — the show is airing on PBS 45/49 WEAO at 1:30 p.m. on Saturdays according to their schedule, which means my episode is probably airing 25 October, but check your local listings as every channel is different)

Update: Despite what the Plain Dealer said in the Style section yesterday (thanks to my future MIL for pointing this one out), I am not going to be on the first episode airing this weekend.

I also taped an interview for Knit and Crochet Today this past January (i.e. even before the Knitting Daily TV stuff was taped), so I’m wondering when that will air — also on PBS!

So while we’re on the topic of televised craftiness, it’s time to announce another new project in the works (are you starting to sense a theme this week?) — the DVDs I’ve been working on forever but have finally found Just The Right Person to direct. It’s funny, I had the editing squared away ages ago, but it’s tricky to find someone with the right sensibility to actually record the stuff the way you want it done. It’s exciting! The scariest part, in my time-strapped opinion, is getting the swatching and stuff done…sad but true.

Time flies when you’re on deadline!

I just got back from the Bust Craftacular in NYC and Boston Bazaar Bizarre (there’s a cool article about the Bazaar and my friends’ shop Magpie here).

I made my first (lame) video with my Flip. Said Flip is currently missing in the detritus of my drive back from New England and I am praying very hard it isn’t actually lost or stolen, as I’ve got some cool interviews with fabric designer Heather Ross; Callie Janoff, the founder of Church of Craft and Diana Rupp from Make Workshop.

Oh, please show up somewhere in my bags, little Flip! Sure, I could order a new one, but how would I remake the interview videos? And I can’t search too too hard because I’m on deadline.