I plead stupidity

Dear Knitgrrl Show listeners,

On behalf of my deadline-weary brain, overexcited emotions (see previous post) and perhaps more than a minor case of the stupids, I apologize. You see, almost an hour ago, I was supposed to be interviewing my idol and yours (this is not me being funny, by the way — Amy is totally my idol), Amy Singer, the founding editor of Knitty.com. What was I in fact doing? Knitting something for a crazy-soon deadline, and not even realizing it was Friday.

I am not kidding on this. So convinced was I that this was not in fact Friday that I left my laptop at home (the shop computer’s no good for doing the podcast).

So. We’re rescheduling. Amy was kind enough to call it “technical difficulties” on the Knittyboard when really it was brain difficulties on my part.

HOWEVER, something good has come of this — I note some requests to have the show later in the day on our reschedule date so the PST listeners can join in. If Amy’s willing, I am, too. So I’ll post the new time as soon as it’s agreed upon… thinking perhaps 9 or 10 p.m. EST?

A SUPER-SPECIAL APOLOGY GOES TO: Brenda Dayne of Cast On, who I hear was postponing a bath so she could listen. Brenda, I owe you some bath salts and a new rubber duckie; please mail me your shipping address.

A very frazzled Knitgrrl

Revolting technology

What a week. Mobile phone go boom, website go boom — you name it, it went boom! There was some kind of organized rebellion amongst my electronic devices. Then, when I came home to do my podcast (because the ancient mobile phone I’m using ’til the replacement arrives is not a happy camper), internet connection go boom. Here’s the kicker — every single other computer in the house? No problem. Just mine…thus lending credence to my conspiracy theory.

This morning, excerpts from Knitgrrl 2 were featured on both the CRAFT magazine podcast and the MAKE magazine podcast. Yay!

I couldn’t post a reminder to listen to The Knitgrrl Show this afternoon due to website-boom, but it’s up as a podcast now — hear here. You can tell I was a tiny bit stressed due to the Great Technology Rebellion of 2007…sorry!

The hand-dyed yarn is flying out the door, literally and figuratively. Australia, Florida, you name it. I’m going to try to do more before I leave, too. Countdown 2 weeks to vacation, which can’t come soon enough!

Lily Chin on the Knitgrrl Show and more!

This Friday it’s the legendary Lily Chin on The Knitgrrl Show, at a special time (5:00 p.m. Eastern) to accommodate her ultra-busy schedule. Call in with questions, send them via IM or email — any way you want to check in, we’ll see you Friday at 5:00. Pretend you’re staying to do overtime, impress the boss, listen to The Knitgrrl Show. Everyone wins.

River Colors Yarn Studio (aka Stitch Cleveland’s next-door neighbor) finally got the fall issue of Vogue Knitting yesterday — woo! I did a (hilarious, lengthy) phone interview with none other than Debbie Stoller, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Clara Parkes and Vickie Howell.

Poor Cheryl and Adina from Vogue Knitting had to play Shut The Knitters Up So We Can Take Notes from time to time, but they did a brilliant job of it, and it’s a great article. Thanks, Cheryl!

I have learned, however, that me + phone interviews aren’t a good idea, given my tendency to just Blurt Out Whatever I Feel Like Saying. (My mom is going to be mortified by my use of the word “asses,” for example. She’s always trying to get me to stop swearing like a sailor — to no avail. Sorry, Ma!)

Two book reviews to do this week, one of The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters: A Knit-to-Fit Workshop by Lynne Vogel, and one of The Knitting Man(ual): 20+ Projects for Guys, by Kristin Spurkland. Short version: I love them both. But more to come…

A project for my upcoming book (How to Knit in the Woods) by Annie Modesitt arrived today and it is so cool, I am having a difficult time not publishing a photo. Maybe I’ll post some behind-the-scenes photo shoot stuff next month, but for now, I’m being all Secret Squirrel about it. Same with the alt-fiber book.

Needless to say, when I can’t find the time to post, I am actually hard at work. I’m particularly proud of a bag I felted last night that came out just the way I wanted it to, better, even. Note for the felt fans in the crowd, Cascade’s “The Heathers” colors in 220 felt really beautifully, I’ve used them in two projects so far and they look fantastic. Deep and rich because of their multicolored-ness.

One last thing: has anyone spotted this on Amazon yet? Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch: 45 Projects to Knit and Crochet for Men by Debbie Stoller! Superfun.

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Here’s a photo of the Indian yarn and stitch markers I was talking about on the show with Franklin today… which, by the way, was supercrazyfun. I can’t wait to see portraits of all those knitters in a gallery somewhere.

(Joy tracked the stitch markers down for me — yay!)

For Franklin’s show, the knitters should knit their own portrait frames, methinks.

Friday with Franklin — The Knitgrrl Show #2

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Tune in this Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern for the second edition of The Knitgrrl Show, with knit-cartoonist and knitter extraordinaire Franklin Habit. This time I’ll try not to geek out about Buffy, I swear.

(I will, however, be wearing this shirt and carrying this bag to honor the occasion).

You just have to love a man who can imagine several yarn balls and a cranky sheep named Dolores dreaming up a theme for a Pride float:

“Yarn Through the Ages!” shouted a ball of bamboo. “Then we can all dress up in drag as famous knitters!”

“Yeah! I call dibs on Meg Swansen,” said Harry.

“Hey! I want to be Meg!” said the bamboo.

“You lack the requisite poise,” sniffed Harry.

“Your mother sleeps with Lion Brand,” said the bamboo.

“Boys!” Dolores snapped, tapping the white board, “I said a fun theme. Something wild, something naughty, something that’ll make the guys go crazy with desire when they see you coming.”

“Have you ever spent a weekend with Meg?” said Harry.

Finally. Payback for Dolores hitting on yours truly — mwah ha ha ha! Umm. Just kidding, Franklin. Remember, you can call in or IM me a question during the live show. Don’t be shy! Here’s the details, and here’s the upcoming show schedule.

Crochet shelves & The Knitgrrl Show #1

Check out these very cool shelves inspired by designer Gudrun Lilja’s grandmother’s traditional Icelandic lace crochet work. Read more about them here. (Via Supernaturale)

Susan Beal has a great big comprehensive Maker Faire post here at WhipUp.

Our friend & yours, the divine Natalie Zee Drieu, wrote about Stitch Cleveland and about the Knitgrrl Show’s debut on the CRAFT blog. Speaking of both:

We are really working hard each day at Stitch Cleveland. Our interns are helping with the new pattern line Megan and I are doing, and because we’re covering such a broad range of sizes (XS to 3X) from the ground up, we’re doing separate slopers for every size to make sure the fit for both knitted and sewn items is dependable. The bust and related measurements are derived from the womens’ Yarn Standards dimensions as closely as we can, since so many knit designers and publications are using those sizes as a standard.

My goal is this: if you know your measurements, you will immediately know what size to knit or sew without relying on some magical number (Am I a size zero or a XS? And what about those crazy negative sizes some designers started doing — what’s up with that?) Personally, I have such crazy broad shoulders in relation to my bust that I always have to size up with standard patterns, which leaves excess fabric flapping around under my arms. Very annoying, and if you’ve read Big Girl Knits — which you should, no matter what size you are — not flattering at all.

So, as best we can, we’re going to try to solve some sizing problems by relying on actual bodily measurements and not some made up numbers or size classifications. The word “Garanimals” came up at one point, and I laughed so hard, stuff almost came out my nose.

And as for the Knitgrrl Show:

  • Don’t forget to tune in at 2:00 Eastern for the show tomorrow. The phone number currently listed on our host channel page is (718) 664-9504, but I’m not sure if it might change, so click over and check before dialing. If you’d rather ask questions using AIM, I’ll have it turned on an hour before the show begins, so send your questions to knitgrrlshow. Be sure to include your name, city and state.
  • When you call using a landline or cell phone, you will automatically be placed into a call queue from which I can take callers. While the show is live, a “Click to Talk” button will appear on our host channel page, and you can use that to call in via VoIP with your computer and its microphone.
  • Whatever method you choose, we’ll look forward to talking to guest Nikol Lohr and you tomorrow at 2:00!

p.s. don’t forget Nikol is quite the spinner, too, so you can ask her questions about that as well!

The Knitgrrl Show

Much as I love podcasts, there’s not much interaction between the guests and the listeners. And so, I’ve launched The Knitgrrl Show, a live call-in program for knitters. Stay tuned for upcoming segment airdates; they’ll be posted here in The Knitgrrl Show category and on the show site, too.

Who would you most like to hear as a guest on the show? Leave your nominations in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

Each episode will be archived as a podcast, so you can listen to it after the broadcast as well.