Hire me!

I’m looking to book additional teaching gigs this summer and this fall and have openings in my schedule that can save you money, dear yarn stores. Here’s the deal. I am exhibiting at the American Library Association show at the end of the month (come see me in booth 1348, librarian friends!) in Vegas. I have time on the 25th and 26th, and on July first. I’m willing to drive outside Vegas (Los Angeles? San Diego? Points in between?)

In July I’ll be in NYC for family stuff. Dates when I have them, but definitely after the 9th (and sometime before the 19th of August). Tamas’ cousin is coming from Hungary, and we’ve promised to take her. Philadelphia possible on that trip, too.

Nashville: I have an IBPA board meeting 6 August through early morning of the 8th. Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville? Or, the longer loop back of Asheville, Baltimore/DC, etc?

I haven’t taught in several of these cities before and would really like to, so if you’re interested, please email admin (at) knitgrrl (dot) com and let’s see what we can figure out!

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Art, Brooklyn, Capers = the ABCs of my weekend

I had so much fun this weekend! I gave a designer talk at Knitty City, taught at Brooklyn General and did a LOT of art-gallery-hopping with my best friend and studiomate Arabella, who had a piece in a show at Cotton Candy Machine’s inaugural show, Tiny Trifecta. The line was down the block! Heck, it was at least 2 blocks long, it was unbelievable. Some photos…

I always love signs like this, they just make me happy.

Isn’t Brooklyn General a GORGEOUS store?

The doors where we stayed, which had the most beautifully colored patinas on all their surfaces.

Trust me to find the one fiber art piece in all the places we went — this is at Bold Hype Gallery‘s Quentin vs. Coen show. Ever seen Kill Bill? Then you’ll know what it is…

Arabella outside Cotton Candy Machine. Check out the line behind her! We wouldn’t have even gotten in to see the show if she hadn’t been in it, it was madness.

More photos are on my Facebook page. Whew!

I continue to be amazed at the response we’ve had to the Kickstarter campaign. Two weeks to go and we’re still raising more funds. Thank you, everyone, for both contributing and spreading the word!

I resisted. (For a little while, anyway).

I think I deserve a little credit for resisting these boots and this belt on my recent trip to Austin, don’t you? I mean, COME ON. Turquoise leopard print? My enormous feet often rescue me from my deep love of shoes. However, I did score brand new Fluevogs for $19 on their website this weekend, even without proper internet access. Imagine a frantic series of texts to my boyfriend which impresses upon him the absolute necessity he drop what he’s doing right now and order me a kicky pair of these. Uh-huh.

And here’s the belt I almost bought — the revolver actually spins!

However, my restraint did not save me from the vintage belt buckles at uncommon OBJECTS, one of which has a faux scrimshaw moose on it. So now I’m looking for someone who is really good at leather tooling to make me a custom belt to go with it, Maine-themed, with pinecones and delightful swirly bits. Anyone know a really talented leatherworker?

Speaking of Maine — there are still spots left in my autumn island retreat. And since I was just in Maine this weekend, I’m fairly confident when I say it is going to be amazing. I am constantly astounded at how beautiful that entire state is… see? This is on the coast near York on Monday as we were going to lunch:

Next week: I’m fairly certain there are also spots left in my April Brooklyn General classhere’s the direct link.

While my aunt’s drawing group in session on Sunday, I was knitting. Imperial Stock Ranch Sock in Thistle. I look like such a slacker in comparison (all those watercolors are hers)!

The reason I was in New England this weekend was business-related (and that went beautifully as well), but it’s always fun to see family and friends while you’re on a work-related trip. I feel so recharged after I go to Maine or Massachusetts, they’re my “happy places.”

What’s the thistle-colored knit, you ask? I’m still working it out in my head and onto the needles…patience, grasshoppers.

April NYC teaching trip!

Two great shops, two days in April, and two times the troublemakin’, since Arabella is coming with me. So let’s see, my favorite city, my best friend, yarn AND art? (you all know her as my #1 knitwear model, but the delightful Arabella’s work will be in the opening exhibition at Tara McPherson‘s new gallery Cotton Candy Machine that weekend)! For the crafty-not-arty, yes, THIS Tara McPherson. I can’t wait.

Here’s what’s going on all weekend long:

Saturday: Designer meet-and-greet, 9 April from 3-5:00 p.m. at Knitty City. I’ll have plenty of my books with me, grab a signed copy or two for your friends. I’ll bring copies of the latest Cooperative Press book Silk Road Socks, too.

(Saturday night! Come to the opening at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn! Let’s sit in a corner and knit and freak out the artists, it’ll be fun!)

Sunday: Sweater map design class. Did you miss this class when I taught it at VK Live in January? Now’s your second chance! I’ll be teaching it again from noon-4:00 p.m., 10 April at Brooklyn General. Sign up at their website.

(Sunday night! Come to Dr. Sketchy’s! Let’s sit in a corner and knit and freak out MORE artists, it’ll be fun!)

There are only a limited number of class spots available and no doubt they’ll go fast, so head over to Brooklyn General’s website ASAP.

Shiny happy photos

The stars aligned, I found my cardreader, I remembered to bring it to the studio and here, for your entertainment, are some photos from the past 2 months — on the road photos, anyway!

Andi was sad Purl Soho wasn’t open yet when we went to NYC for my February teaching trip.

We did have a lot of time to poke around and look at cool shop windows, though. And textures!

Things like this, and graffiti, are always what I end up taking pictures of anytime I go anywhere.

Like this, in Austin last week.

Or this, which neatly sums up how I feel about Austin at the moment.

I mean, come on. This was in a shop window.

Look what one of my students at The Common Thread made during my class!

Fried avocado tacos at Torchy’s in Austin (thanks to Nikol for the recommendation), with Elizabeth, pre-SXSW Etsy/BurdaStyle fashion show.

February teaching trip again. Loop, in Philadelphia. I was having too much fun teaching to take a lot of photos. Andi got a good one of me with Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame next door at Loop’s sister shop Spool, though.

Before teaching at Rumpelstiltskin Yarns on Long Island, Andi and I went down to the beach. In February. We waved quickly at her mom in England, drank our respective tea and coffee, and hightailed it back to the car. It was COLD.

In short, it’s been busy, I’ve tried to document it but sometimes you just have to live it, if that makes sense! I’ve been designing up a storm in my head, but there’s a backlog of other things to attend to before those can go forward, not to mention all the stuff going on at Cooperative Press. Heck, I even came in on a Saturday to clean the office! Yes, things were getting THAT overwhelming.

I may have a quicky little freebie pattern for you soon — I made up a tiny felted mouse cat toy, just need to snap a photo and write it down. Hope you are having a calm, productive and wonderful start to the week!

(p.s. here is the new Cooperative Press shipping annex. It’s tiny, but it’s all mine. Waiting for the shelving to show up so I can get the books off the desk and the printers/scales/etc all set up)

January TNNA classes (with me!) in Long Beach

If you are a member of TNNA (or planning to be one soon!), I’ll be teaching these two classes in person during the January show:

SB108: Social Media for Creative Business Owners
8 January 2011
8:00 — 10:00 a.m. in room 103C

NB108: Independent Publishing — Get Published!
9 January 2011
8:00 — 10:00 a.m. in room 103C

As per usual, the show is within days of my birthday, which means I’ll probably end up on a plane all day instead of eating cake…boo!

Rhinebeck was spectacular this weekend. I have to go through my photos to see what’s post-able and what isn’t — but the funniest thing all weekend was probably (or so I’m told) me falling asleep mid-giggle Friday night. Hey, when you’re tired, you’re tired!

Design retreat this August

Will you be within a reasonable distance of Chicago the first week in August? Do you like hanging out with teachers who are funny and will probably get you in trouble, kind of like the time Lime & Violet showed up in my hotel room at TNNA bearing margaritas? Well, have I got the event for you.

My studiomate Arabella and I are teaching at this delightful retreat for designers who want to amp up their knowledge about the world of professional knitwear design, and learn fashion illustration, too. It’s going to be super-fun, I just know it. You should come along.

Hey Ohioans! and those of nearby environs…

(such as residents of Pittsburgh, Detroit and all the other delightful cities a reasonable drive from Cleveland)

FYI: Annie Modesitt is teaching three classes at our shop this month. Worth the drive, believe me. 2 combination knitting classes and one for her (very cool) universal mitered bag (also called domino knitting). Sign up soon, because her classes tend to sell out quickly.

Almost home…

Hello from the Chicago airport! I just wrote a really huge reply in comments on the last post which would have probably been better off as a whole new post. Cut me some slack if it’s not extra-coherent, I’ve been awake since 5:00 in the morning and on a series of planes all day.

I’m currently on my way back from teaching at the Snake River Fiber Fair in Idaho, and I have to say — I have not had that much fun in a long, long time. Great show, enthusiastic students, excellent organization and — the big bonus — SHEEP! I stayed at the Lazy PJ Ranch (Pat’s one of the Fair organizers) and not only got to maul adorable rams every single day, but also herd naughty sheep escapees back into their enclosure. By the end of the weekend, a fair number of the rams had figured out that REDHEAD HUMAN GIVE PETS! YAY! and they’d come running to the fence, in some cases nosing each other out of the way to get over to my hand. Incredibly cute.

In my suitcase somewhere deep in the bowels of O’Hare right now? A raw fleece — shiny, huge and grey. Love love love. Pat’s husband Jack vacuumed the excess air out to make it smaller, and I was kind of hoping TSA would accidentally stab it during their inevitable poking-through-my-knickers excursions. If so, it would’ve become a sheep bomb, and rapidly expanded to about 7 times its current size as the air seeped back in.

Dude. Sheep bomb. It’s the only appropriate payback for the time they stole copies of my books out of my suitcase on the way to TNNA, and for everything else they put me through every time I fly. You have no idea. Terrorist threat level orange? Whatever. My all-time favorite was when a screener tried to make me take my sweatshirt off to go through security, but I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. (I learned my lesson on bras after a Chicago screener made it to second base with me once — I’m talking full-on under-the-shirt grope that would break just about every HR rule imaginable in any other company). Had I not been heading somewhere to teach, I probably would’ve done it just to make a point.

“What? He told me to take it off!”

Sheep and show photos to come…happy Monday!