Crocus hat for Stefanie

(Stop reading ’til the package arrives, Stefanie! No peeking!)

I knitted this hat for her during a day-long Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD binge. Inset photos are of the flowers in my yard that inspired it, and the top (with handspun knit leaves). The chunks of handspun leftovers knitted into the crown are meant to resemble crocuses pushing through the snow. Incidentally, the green handspun is what I made on my HGTV segment.

The long-promised Debbie Stoller pics

There are more photos stored at this link, if you want to check them out.

Here’s one of my latest yarns.

It’s spun from the roving I dyed a few months ago. (Large photo of that roving available here). So far, I’ve made a hat from it. The yarn is a very tightly spun single, what I’ve heard called an “energized single” (although that always makes me laugh, because I envision a highly-motivated Type A person browsing the online personals in search of The Perfect Someone when I read it).

Here is an interesting example of what those kinds of singles will do when knit with circular needles on a small scale. The stitches twist and turn, looking like some kind of fancy schmancy stitch, but it’s really just yarn squirminess. You have to keep a little more tension on the yarn when you knit with extra-twisty stuff like mine, but it’s worth it for the cool effect.