Spin To Knit cover

Hey! Recognize that hat? How about the yarn?

That always was my all-time favorite dye job, yet the brilliant people at Interweave have somehow managed to make it look even better in the context of this cover! I’m told it’ll be another 4-6 weeks until you’ll see it for preorder on Amazon and the like, but meanwhile, I’m just going to blow kisses at the screen and in the general direction of Loveland, Colorado. Their designers (and well…everyone there) just rock!

By the way — due to the inherent limitations of reasonable file size vs. showing the color properly, I had to make it look a bit duller than it really does. If you want to check out the better-color version, click here.

Spindle cravings

I’ll admit it, I will. I like spinning on my wheels better than spindle-spinning…maybe it’s because I learned on the wheel first, or because it’s painful with my bad elbow (shattered in a fall a few years ago, and permanently scar-tissue’d). But I think I’ve found the spindles that could change my mind…or at least induce me to buy several and stare lovingly at them every day:

Crowhill House Fiberworks

Oh, yum. I like this llama one — read about it here.

How were your holidays? Mom gave me a new, and much-needed, ballwinder (no swift, though, which is ok when you’re going straight off the lazy Kate/bobbin). I’d ask for a birthday swift (t-minus 10 days til my birthday, 6 January!), but my boyfriend bought me a very schmancy KitchenAid mixer for Christmas…mustn’t be greedy.

Best present of all, though? My friend Holly of misshawklet is a librarian; she pointed out the Knitgrrl review in Booklist’s 15 December issue. (Booklist is the American Library Association’s book review magazine).

What’s even better? It received a starred review! Holly and other librarian friends have told me this is very good…when working with limited funds, acquisitions librarians tend to use the starred reviews as a cheat sheet of what to order!

Check it out:

Hi librarians! Did you know there’s a whole section on the website just for you? I love libraries, and I’m not just saying that so you’ll love me back. Without libraries, my childhood would have been exceedingly dull. I came to knitting late, but I’ve been reading since before kindergarten. (Believe me, if I’d been knitting as long as I’ve been reading, I’d be able to outknit machines! Cabled sweaters in minutes…bedspreads in an hour…)