April dyeing class at Orange + June classes

(Insert joke about dye and “orange” here)

If you’re near Cleveland, you’ll want to come to this super-fun class at Orange Art Center! See here for all the details (scroll down):

Dyeing Fabric, Yarn and Fiber with Acid Dyes
Friday, April 23, 9:30AM – 1:30PM

During this workshop learn to custom-color yarn, fabric or even spinning and felting fiber with professional grade acid dyes. Don’t worry — these dyes won’t eat away your hands! In fact, they’re simple and safe to use. We will dye wool-based materials, but these dyes work on almost any animal or silk fiber. Shannon will provide a class kit with fabric, yarns and dyes and a few other surprises. PLEASE SIGN UP BY APRIL 15, 2010.

Yay! Should be a good time. If you’re closer to Columbus, you won’t want to miss these classes in the middle of June. Stitch Cooperative members are teaching a series of workshops in collaboration with one another. They’re open to the public, and you won’t find a better price on classes anywhere with superstars like Annie Modesitt, crochet queen Robyn Chachula, Teva Durham, Miriam Felton (oh, and, you know…little old me). Sign up quicklike, they just got posted and they’ll sell out fast!

Undomesticated show opens Friday

If you’re in the Cleveland area, come see one of my new artworks in the show Undomesticated this Friday night at Wall Eye Gallery!

19 March – 11 April 2010
Curated by Stephanie Lipscomb & Linda Ayala

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Wall Eye Gallery presents the work of ten Northeast Ohio women creating fine art using mediums and techniques traditionally considered domestic.

Gallery hours: 20 March noon – 6:00 p.m. and 21 March noon – 5:00 p.m., and by appointment through 11 April.

Design retreat this August

Will you be within a reasonable distance of Chicago the first week in August? Do you like hanging out with teachers who are funny and will probably get you in trouble, kind of like the time Lime & Violet showed up in my hotel room at TNNA bearing margaritas? Well, have I got the event for you.

My studiomate Arabella and I are teaching at this delightful retreat for designers who want to amp up their knowledge about the world of professional knitwear design, and learn fashion illustration, too. It’s going to be super-fun, I just know it. You should come along.

Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland: the aftermath

So apart from some truly strange cop-on-bingo-player violence in the parking lot Saturday night (or, as I phrased it then: “come for the crafts! stay for the police brutality!”, and some car towing because we were so popular and so packed that people started parking places they shouldn’t have…….. the show went really well. Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland, let me show you it:

And this was first thing Sunday morning! (Forgot my compact flash card Saturday). You can only see half the vendors in this.

My friend and AlterNation co-author Xan is also a stiltdancer. Little kids flock to her like candy when she’s up in the air.

When’s the last craft show you’ve done that not only has awesome homemade food, but tableside food delivery for vendors? My summer ’08 ArtWorks apprentice Joelle (at left) masterminded the high school volunteers from her National Honor Society group. They were so awesome you would never believe just how awesome they were.

It’s a wonder I can walk or speak after being on the floor three straight days for 8+ hours each (2 show days plus one setup, and lots of announcements-sans-microphone…good thing I am loud).

Bazaar Bizarre 2008

Yay! Good press in the region’s largest newspaper! Check it out.

I organize the Cleveland branch of Bazaar Bizarre, the fantastic indie craft show you know and love. We’re getting lots of attention this year…probably because we’ve practically tripled the number of vendors. Very exciting. If you’re within a reasonable distance of Cleveland, I highly recommend a trip here for the weekend.

And hey, Cosy is going to be there! How can you beat that? I bet she’d sign your book for you if you asked nicely.

Felt School! going once, going twice…

Felt School is next week! There are still a few spots left! I am using a lot of exclamation points! For a reason! Felt School is superfun, so don’t miss it. Details are here. I wish I could stay there all month, I swear. Long story short, if you want to learn to felt — any kind of felting (wet, recycled, nuno, knit-and-shrink, needlefelt, you name it), Felt School is the place to be.

Felt/Yarn School registration is open!

Hurray! Registration is now open for both Yarn School and Felt School!

If you haven’t checked out The Harveyville Project yet, you really should, and if you haven’t been to Yarn School or Felt School — what are you waiting for, my friend? This is going to be the best year yet, especially if you stay for both!

Also, keep an eye out for the special Interweave Felt issue that will be out next month, there’s going to be an article about Felt School!

Speaking of felt, I’m reworking an old pattern of mine (the boombox bag from Knitgrrl) after having it on the to-do backburner for a while, and I’m contemplating a slightly more advanced built-in speaker system. So here’s my question for you — if they were clear, would you attempt a project with advanced “wire up some electronics inside the felt” directions? I’d include the original directions for purchased speaker bits, but I’m feeling the need to kick it up a notch.

The other pattern I’m working on right now is going so, so much faster now that I’ve worked out the shaping on the one piece. It’s straight stockinette at the moment, so speeeeedy.