How many Jayne hats, you say?

Thanks to Kim for the original tweeted heads up on this one — the Austin Browncoats did a fundraiser in which the question “How many Jayne hats can one knit during a single ‘con?” was asked.

The answer? 12 — I just sent in my donation accordingly. (I’m also more than a little pleased to say that I guessed the number correctly. Guess my recent hat-stravaganza has given me a solid idea of how many hats someone can knit per day).

While we’re on the Serenity + knitting topic, check out this knitted Serenity!

Stitch Cleveland in YMN + Interweave toys

The August issue of Yarn Market News just arrived, with a really nice writeup about Stitch Cleveland. (I love the model on the cover, she’s got roving woven into her hair. Don’t think I wouldn’t do that if I had longer hair! It’s very Frida Kahlo, I like it).

Interesting news from Interweave:

Crafty parents concerned about the safety and quality of their children’s toys have an alternative: do-it-yourself., Interweave Press’ new online knitting community and pattern library, is offering knitters nine free handmade toy patterns—from a knitted horse to fairy-tale hats and a charming tea set, a great alternative to plastics for imaginative playtime. Three of the patterns call for organic yarns, which is another option for parents looking for affordable eco-conscious, or ‘green’ toys.

The free toy patterns are available online at:

If you’ve got children of your own or children to knit for, these patterns should come in handy with the holidays coming sooner than we’d like to believe…

And speaking of tiny fuzzy things — many kisses to little Ms Isobel Cash, aka the tiny baby kitty my friend Natasha rescued this week (story here). It was right around this time three years ago that our baby Spike and his brother Milkshake were rescued, and now they’re big, spoiled healthy boys. I’ve met Isobel’s feline siblings and know she’s in good hands (paws?). I just wish I could get out to Pittsburgh and squeeze her myself!

If little Isobel made you go “awww!”, might I recommend Crafters for Critters? They’ve raised thousands of dollars for animals in need.

Sheep shirts + Joss

Need a t-shirt with a sheep on it? This page has got you covered. (via the delightful Emma Jane)

In non-sheep-related news, today is Joss Whedon’s birthday. At least I think you can call it non-sheep-related, even if Buffy did wear adorable sheep pajamas in season 3. I digress…

As in previous years, Whedon fans are staging events everywhere to raise money for his favorite charity, Equality Now. So if you haven’t seen Buffy, Angel, Firefly or Serenity (what? you were locked in a cave for the past decade?), now’s your chance, and for a good cause. If you listened to the podcast last week, you’ll know that I’m not the only knitting + Joss fan, either (hi Nikol)!