The Pillow Book

The Pillow Book: Over 25 Simple-to-Sew Patterns for Every Room and Every Mood — Shannon Okey.

Available March 2008 from Chronicle Books.

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  • The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2 May 2008: “If you’ve never made a pillow before, The Pillow Book (Chronicle Books, $24.95), by Shannon Okey with photos by Gemma Comas, is a good place to start.

    For one thing, it contains basic advice about fabrics and pillow accents: nothing too precious if you have kids; nothing dry-clean-only if you anticipate stains; nothing too tempting to cats (tassels, fringe and the like); no mixing materials with different washing requirements.”

  • The Orlando Sentinel, reprinted on The Arizona Star‘s website.
  • The Chicago Tribune, 16 March 2008: “Okey hits all the updated crafty notes: There’s a knitted project, an embroidered pillow from the hip embroidery Web site, a mod tufted floor pillow and a few projects for the kids. (Love the modern, not-too-girly take on the tooth fairy pillow.) On our quick trip through the pillowed pages, we could feel a little sewing itch start to sprout. By the time we made it to the index, we had added three projects to our (OK, we admit it, it’s endless) crafting to-do list.”

Want to try out a pattern from the book? Check out my excerpted pattern for a Crazy-Quilt-Style Patchwork Pillow on!

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