Secret Decoder Ring Knitters

Test knitters are an incredibly valuable part of the design process. They can point out potential problems in a pattern before it is released to the general public, and serve as a sounding board for creating pattern changes actual knitters might like to see. My test knitters are called the Secret Decoder Ring Knitters.

Every pattern released to the Secret Decoder Ring Knitters works as follows:

1. No more than ten copies of the pattern will be released.
2. You can say you’re working on a SDRK pattern on your blog, Livejournal, Ravelry etc but you can’t show photos of work in progress. (With a few exceptions that will vary by pattern, and I’ll tell you what those are).
3. The first person to request the current pattern (Special Agent #1) will receive the yarn to make the pattern from me. My choice of yarns and colors. Special Agent #1 gets to keep the FO after final photography.
4. In the event Special Agent #1 fails her mission and doesn’t complete the pattern, yarn must be returned.
5. Speed counts. In scoring which bags will appear on the final pattern pages, you will get points for finishing sooner.
6. Secret Decoder Ring Knitters will get credit for their work on this page and on the finished pattern, where possible.
7. Some SDRK FOs will be chosen for additional photography here — if your FO is chosen, I will pay for postage back and forth between here.
8. You will receive 2 copies of the final, completed pattern. One for you, one for a friend.

As patterns are released for test knitting, announcements will be made on the main Knitgrrl blog. Successful test knitters who complete the project will be listed here on the SDTK Wall of Fame below.

Operation: Project #1 (February 2008)
1. Special Agent #1:
2. More names coming soon!

Never seen a secret decoder ring before? See above for what they look like — and here are some cool vintage ones. Don’t worry…patterns are written in standard pattern language, you won’t need a decoder ring to figure them out!