Book contributors

About Shannon’s collaborators

Many, many talented people have helped with the various books I’ve written and edited, and here’s my chance to not only give them a shout out, but also introduce them to you. I have a brilliant team of tech editors I love to work with (Kristi Porter, Julie Holetz, Alexandra Virgiel, Heather Brack), and I’ve also been lucky enough to work with the designers below.

Because I’ve worked with several of these designers on more than one project, I’ve put a list of the books they’ve appeared in after their name. Here’s the abbreviation key:

K = Knitgrrl
K2 = Knitgrrl 2
StK = Spin to Knit
FF = Felt Frenzy
CS = Crochet Style
JS = Just Socks
HTKITW = How to Knit in the Woods
AF = Alt Fiber

  • Amy O’Neill Houck (JG, AF) is a crochet designer and writer whose articles have appeared online, in Yarn Market News and elsewhere. You can find her at The Hook and I.
  • Amy Pope (JG, JS) is a knitter, spinner and designer whose stripey socks rocked the Just Socks house and fingerless mitts kept Just Gifts warm.
  • Amy Singer (K2) founded, an online knitting magazine that recently welcomed its 5-millionth visitor! Her first book, Knit Wit, was published in 2004. Her second, even more amazing book, Big Girl Knits, written with Jillian Moreno, was published in 2006.
  • Amy Swenson (K2) lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her partner, Sandra. Since 2002, she has published her own line of patterns (indiKnits) that can be found in yarn shops across North America, including the Knitgrrl shop. She also recently opened her very own yarn store.
  • Anastacia Zittel (JG, JS)
  • Andi Moon Smith (StK, FF, JG, JS, HTKITW, AF) is Shannon’s production knitter of choice and a talented designer in her own right. She’s from England and has been knitting and crocheting since she was 5. Recently, Shannon and Heather got her hooked on spinning. Check out her site Knit Brit.
  • Annie Modesitt (HTKITW) is a well-known designer and teacher — you can find her at her website when she’s not traveling all over the country!
  • Amy Gumm (HTKITW, AF) blogs at I Heart Knitting.
  • Ariel Altaras (HTKITW), better known online as Stariel, is a serious sock addict. Really, really serious.
  • Beth Skwarecki (JS) made fabulous reversible cable and “traveling” socks for Just Socks. She lives in Ithaca, NY.
  • Candi Cane (JG) is an amazing designer who sews, paints, knits and will someday have her own TV show (you heard it here first). If you ever see a tall, glamorous blonde in the background on Knitty Gritty, it was probably her during one of her many knitster appearances.
  • Carla Sturgis (JS)
  • Cecily Keim (CS) is the co-author of Teach Yourself VISUALLY Crocheting (with Kim Werker). She lives in Los Angeles, where she podcasts and blogs in between projects.
  • Chrissy Gardiner (JG, JS)
  • Christine Walter (JG)
  • Crystal Canning (StK) founded Copper Moose, a spinning and knitting supply store extraordinaire. Prior to her untimely death in 2005, she contributed an amazing shawl to Spin to Knit. Copper Moose continues under her husband’s direction.
  • Donna Pedaci (JG)
  • Doris Chan (JG)
  • Elspeth McKee (JS)
  • Emma Jane Hogbin (AF) is a Canadian-based internet consultant, knitter, spinner and the tech genius behind many of the crafty sites you know and love.
  • Gabrielle Peterson (K) works in scientific publishing when she isn’t knitting, and counts the days until she can leave it all behind to knit full time. She lives in Northern California with her husband and daughter.
  • Heather Brack (K, K2, StK, FF) lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with a small dog that will occasionally model scarves if asked nicely. She works for a legal publisher and designs her own line of knitting patterns under the name Beeline.
  • Jaya Srikrishnan (JS)
  • Jenna Wilson (K2) lives, knits, works, and eats in Toronto, which is fortunately a pretty good place to live in terms of yarn shops, employment, and restaurants. Most of her knitting to date has involved shades of olive green and black, but she’s learning to accept — and even wear — other colors. After studying physics, Jenna decided to take up knitting and law, and now she’s an intellectual property lawyer who designs knitting patterns on the side.
  • Jenny Willey (AF) knits in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Jillian Moreno (K, K2, StK, AF) is a totally self-taught designer. She hates rules. She firmly believes that if you obsess on it enough you can do anything. She also believes in excessive chocolate and that girls who knit will grow up to rule the world. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, two kids, and way too much yarn. (Note from Shannon: She’s not kidding, I’ve seen the yarn room in her basement!)
  • Joanne Seiff (JG)
  • Judy Sumner (JS)
  • Julie Falatko (K) lives in Maine. She knits when she can, weaves when possible, reads often, and is always looking for an excuse to bake cookies. She also spends time discussing the meaning of life with her husband, caring for her son, petting her cat, and working ever-so-slowly on her librarian degree.
  • Julie Holetz (CS, JS, JG, AF), aka Skamama is the patron saint of crochet tech editors, a fantastic designer, and the creator of the famed Big Bottom Bag (as seen in Debbie Stoller’s 2006 crochet book The Happy Hooker).
  • Kate Atherley (JS)
  • Kate Jackson (AF) owns a Northeast Ohio yarn store called Knitting on the Square and designs her own line of patterns.
  • Kate Winkler (JS)
  • Kathryn Beckerdite (JG)
  • Katy Westcott (JG)
  • Keri Williams (AF) is a Toronto-based knitter extraordinaire.
  • Kerrie Allman (K2) lives in London, England where she runs an online knitting magazine called MagKnits filled with fun patterns.
  • Kim Werker (JG) is the editor of Crochet Me magazine and the author of Get Hooked (the crochet companion to Knitgrrl). She’s also the co-author of Teach Yourself VISUALLY Crocheting (with Cecily Keim).
  • Kim Alderton (AF) knits her hands off surrounded by multiple pugs in Cleveland, OH.
  • Kimberli MacKay (K2) works in New York City and knits as much as she possibly can, usually on long work-related plane trips!
  • Kirsten Zerbinis (K) lives in Ontario, where she designs beautiful knitwear.
  • Kristi Porter (K, K2) did all the technical editing for both Knitgrrl books (in other words, she made sure all the patterns worked!) from her home in sunny California. She works for and writes knitting books. Her first book, Knitting for Dogs: Irresistable Patterns for Your Favorite Pup – And You!, was published in 2005.
  • Kristina Ramos (CS) is originally from Sweden, and a talented fiber artist.
  • Laura Andersson (JS) owns Sirius Knitting and just so happens to share her name with Shannon’s Swedish grandmother, which is cool.
  • Laura Chau (AF) is a Toronto-based designer and handspun, hand-dyed yarn purveyor.
  • Laura Killoran (JG) aka Croshay is well-known in Seattle and online for her stylin’ crocheted hats.
  • Lexi Boeger (StK) is the owner of Pluckyfluff, an online shop filled with extraordinary one of a kind handspun yarns.
  • Linda Diak (JS) owns Grafton Fibers, where she sells the greatest spinning batts ever. No, really. Ever. She also sells needlefelting kits and fiber arts supplies such as handmade crochet hooks.
  • Lisa Walkup (JG)
  • Lucy Lee (K, K2) owns Mind’s Eye Yarns in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she spins, dyes, knits and does just about everything imaginable with yarn.
  • Lynne Vogel (StK) is the author of the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook and is an accomplished spinning, knitting and dyeing instructor. Read more about her here.
  • Marie deChatelaine (JS)
  • Marnie MacLean lives in California with her dog Panda and designs her own line of knitwear patterns.
  • Martha Onusconich (JS)
  • Marylou Egan (JS)
  • Megan Reardon (K2) lives in Seattle, where she crafts constantly, and documents it on her popular website Not Martha.
  • Melissa Lim (K) lives in Portland, Oregon, where she is an instructional technology teacher. Her mom taught her to knit when she was young, but she didn’t start knitting seriously until 1998, when she learned to make her boyfriend a sweater.
  • Michele Ritan (JG)
  • Natasha Fialkov (JS) sells fantastic handspun yarn and spinning materials in her shop Luxe Fibre.
  • Nikol Lohr (AF) is the author of Naughty Needles, and runs Yarn School and Felt School (the latter with Shannon) at The Harveyville Project.
  • Sharleen Morco (JG)
  • Sheila Beardslee Bosworth (StK)
  • Shoshana Matthews (StK)
  • Sivia Harding (K2, AF) designs knitwear and knitted jewelry in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Stacey Irvine (K) lives in San Francisco, where she knits everything you can think of (and even some things you can’t, like a knitted octopus!)
  • Stefanie Japel (K, K2) is a high-pressure geochemist whose website is called Glampyre. She designs almost everything she knits, and published her first book, Fitted Knits, in 2007.
  • Symeon North (StK, JG) sells amazing handspun yarn under the name Pippi Knee Socks and lives in Vermont near the Ben & Jerry’s factory, something I still can’t quite forgive…
  • Terri Shea (JS)
  • Tamara del Sonno (AF) is the owner of a yarn store in MN and a designer in her own right.
  • Vlada Belozerova (JG)