New book… by ME!

by Shannon on April 1, 2014

Aaaaagh the suspense!

Finally the news is out. My new book Frozen: Aurora Borealis Mittens will be out shortly, and has just gone up for preorders. Cooperative Press is in the middle of switching shopping carts right now, so for my own sanity, I’ve just put it on Ravelry for now, and all preorderers (in addition to getting bonus patterns and stuff) will be given a chance to upgrade to print if they want to before we start shipping.

As I just told the Knitgrrl mailing list, it behooves you to order ASAP, because then you’ll have an advantage in the upcoming related contest. Cough cough. But you didn’t hear that from meeeee.

(You totally heard that from me. Good luck!)



Books, books, books!

by Shannon on February 4, 2014

Sometimes I think to myself I was always headed for this life. As a kid, I took out WAY more books from the library than anyone else. I remember a librarian, wide-eyed, looking at the stack of books I was carrying (arms straight out, filled all the way up to my chin), saying to my mother “is she going to actually READ all of those?” and my mom saying yup, she’ll be back in a week for more. And she was NOT exaggerating!

Sometimes I’m so wrapped up in the books that Cooperative Press publishes that I have trouble finding time to work on my own. The cobbler’s children have no shoes, and all that. This past weekend I went to the American Library Association show in Philadelphia to scope things out before we exhibit at their big summer show in Vegas. Larissa Brown, whose novel Beautiful Wreck was just published by CP, came along with me. (More on that in another day or two. There are big promotional plans afoot!)

BOOOOOOKS. So many books! I started to get dizzy after a while, it was glorious. And what a trip it was! In addition to the show, I got to see several good friends, visit places I love in NYC and Boston, and just generally recharge. The best part of these big trips, for me, is long loooong hours alone in the car. Thinking time! I need thinking time where I am nowhere near a computer and can let my brain wander around. I got inspired to finish up this one book I’ve been working on FOREVER, and I made plans for a new knitwear collection that I’d like to shoot when we’re on vacation this fall (spoiler alert, I’ve FINALLY convinced my husband to go to Orkney and Shetland, and I know he means it because he’s started stocking up on new camera gear — the man loves his photography).

So here’s a question for you, since I think I have a tendency towards doing big big things like sweaters — would you like to see a mix of project sizes and types, or should I just go full tilt garment crazy? I’m leaning towards a mix, but part of that is practicality, since I’ll need to get them all finished before we go!

The other long-neglected project is coming together, too. More on that soon. I am starting to come out of my usual winter slump, so look out!

Oh, and meanwhile, come hang out with me on Pinterest — I’ve really been keeping a lot of inspirational photo ideas tucked in over there.

One last thing, and it was a pretty exciting honor from out of nowhere — I was recently included on this fabulous list of 49 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art. So consider me guilted into blogging more, I know I’ve been slacking of late!

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